America At The Crossroads

America is at a crossroad. We are faced with choosing between who we are and who some groups want us to become. There is a movement In America that seeks to turn our country into a Socialist/Communist state. In order to accomplish their goals they must tear down our culture, our economic system and our political system.

Our culture is being destabilized be removing God from our everyday life and especially our government. Religion is the foundation for our behavior. This includes telling the truth, not cheating, speaking and acting in a virtuous and up right manor and placing the good of the country and its people ahead of our own self interests. Our government is secular but John Adams said that our public servants should be virtuous people in order to maintain a stable society. It is being destabilized by the blurring of our moral values. Our concept of borders is being challenged to further progressive ends.

Our economic system is being challenged by those who say that socialism is better than capitalism for the American people. The established fact is that in the last 400 years, since the first settlements on this continent by Europeans, socialism has been tried and found to be wanting. At Jamestown and Plymouth it failed, and in the process killed a large number of its inhabitants. Around the world, in the last century, over one hundred fifty million people were killed by socialist governments. Among them: in Russia forty million; in China seventy plus million and Nazi (Nationalist Socialists Workers Party) Germany 50 million. In many cases the deaths of the citizens of the host countries far outnumbered those lost in wars with other countries. Socialism, in most cases, leads to an Oligarchy and/or Dictatorship.

Our political system has been corrupted by those who seek to alter our constitution and turn us into a Democracy instead of a democratically elected Representative Republic. A Republic is ruled by the law. A Democracy is ruled by the majority vote of the people. Our Republic’s laws are based on natural law; a democracy caters to the whims of the people. Our founders called Democracy “the tyranny of the masses”. Democracies often devolve into socialist states.

It’s hard to put a label on this group of people who are tearing America apart.

Some are Ideological. They want to promote a form of government other than a representative republic. Republics are stable and creating chaos is necessary to alter them. Although socialism is an economic system it leads to economic collapse, which in turn requires some form of totalitarian government to eliminate the chaos. In the last century this has led to communist takeovers in many countries. Communist governments then retain socialism to keep control of the population. In the past this thinking has led to the election of senators by the people instead of being appointed by the states, contrary to the founder’s constitution, thereby eliminating the influence of the states to balance the will of the people and form national policy. They then formed the Federal Reserve Bank to prevent congress from implementing national economic policy and turned this power over to large banks, some who are from foreign nations. They are now trying to eliminate the Electoral College. This constitutional institution is meant to prevent a few large states from running roughshod over the small states and thereby controlling the electoral outcomes of our presidential elections.

Others are just corrupt. They break down the rule of law to open the door to monetary and personal gain and to acquire political power.

The American people are ignorant of these things because of the public education systems that are largely controlled by progressive left leaning public employee unions that feed off of taxpayer dollars which then helps fund the democratic socialist agenda. The deception of our mainstream media outlets also promotes this ignorance.

We currently have a president that is has exposed much of this corruption and more. Our eyes are being opened to what is causing bad decisions on the part of our elected officials. This condition we are now seeing has been termed “The Swamp”.

The Swamp is resisting many of the things President Trump is trying to do because it upsets their agenda and money. It puts the welfare of the American people first. This in turn puts the ship of state back on solid footing. After all, the purpose of government is to establish an environment where the citizenry can be free from oppression, are allowed to reach their full potential and can expect equal justice under the law..

The reach of the swamp is extensive, reaching into all parts of our government and businesses. This is why there is so much resistance to what the president is trying to accomplish.

I fear what will happen when President Trump leaves office, either in 2020 or 2024. My gut says that the swamp will just retake the Whitehouse no matter which party wins. A republican is just a slow democrat.

Because the Republican Party cannot be trusted to fully support President Trump in the 2020 election, he will need a large group of citizen volunteers to do the required work.

If we accomplish this, we will not be easily defeated. With the grace of God we will be able to continue the Trump agenda even after he leaves office and into the future.

To accomplish this we have formed “Ohioans united 4 Trump 2020” to educate the voters about their choices. We want to have volunteers in all 88 counties. We want to work with other groups to assist in this effort.

We are asking you to go to and join the fight.